29 May 2014



10AM - 6PM

Busainna Grandsales is a women fair which gathers more than 50 online and offline vendors. All vendors had the chance to promote their product to mostly TM staffs. By targeting office crowd, vendors are making profitable promotion. In this event, we also invited a few well-known celebrities such as Felixia Yeap, Arja Lee, Fida Ibrahim, Ekin Mawi, Abby Nazry and many others. Celebrities are also promoting their products as well mingle with fans. This event has been held for 4 days every month especially during salary pay day. 

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Last modified on Monday, 25 August 2014 19:25
Noor Hidayah

Busainna Event Manager is a 24 years old young lady, graduated in Chemical and Bio-Engineering Technology (Bioprocess) from UniKL MICET and now still pursuing her study in Bachelor Business Management majoring Marketing by long distance study in OUM. 

Website: facebook.com/DdEventCo

Kuala Lumpur Event Organizer

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 Busainna Event is Kuala Lumpur Event organizer specialize in Muslimah fashion and Urban Muslim Contemporary Bazaar.Read more About me

Busainna Event

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